A Tiananmen Journal (六四日記 增訂版)

by: Dr. FENG Congde 封從德 博士

 : A Tiananmen Journal (六四日記 增訂版)
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Binding: Paperback
EAN: 9789881644268
Edition: 2nd
ISBN: 9881644267
Label: Fountain Head Books, Hong Kong
Languages: Traditional ChinesePublished
Manufacturer: Fountain Head Books, Hong Kong
Number Of Pages: 646
Publication Date: 2013
Publisher: Fountain Head Books, Hong Kong
Studio: Fountain Head Books, Hong Kong


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Product Description:
A Tiananmen Journal: Republic on the Square by Dr. Feng Congde was first published in May 2009 in Hong Kong. This book records the Tiananmen protest of 1989 from April 15, 1989 to June 4, 1989 in detail. Author Feng Congde is one of the student leader in the protest and his day-by-day diary entries, record every activity during the protest including the start of student protests in Peking University, the activities of major student leaders, important events, and unexposed stories about student organizations and their complex decision making. The content of A Tiananmen Journal is based on Feng's Memo of 1989 Student Protests(八九學運備忘錄). Feng wrote the the Memo in 1990. To ensure the details of the activities are in correct order and what he heard from others during the protests are truth, Feng started editing his Memo and adding some footnotes in the following eighteen years which finally became a new book A Tiananmen Journal. This book is largely ignored by the academia because it is banned in China and it is not translated in English. But some bloggers and journalists outside China have some discussions and reviews of the book. Liu Yun, a journalist from Radio Free Asia states that Feng's unadorned description of the protest and his self dissections enhance authenticity and creditability of the book. The publisher of Hong Kong's Suyuan Books and the contemporary Chinese poet Meng Lang indicate that the book is enlightenment and can be a reference for democracy development in Hong Kong. One Taiwanese blogger with the nickname Yuan Zhidan states that Feng's book is useful for clarifying the false rumor of the 1989 Tiananmen Protests because the book combines Feng's memories in detail in 1990 and impersonal footnotes from others' descriptions of the protests. Both subjective and objective descriptions help to restore the truth.

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